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Employment support

If your goal is to one day, be employed in the Automotive industry, you've come to the right place. 

How can we help you achieve your employment goals?

While some participants, with supports offered through DES or employer reasonable adjustment, will successfully maintain work, others will need higher intensity, often daily, support delivered in the workplace to maintain employment. 

They can be used in a range of employment settings including:

  • private,

  • government or not for profit organisations,

  • a social enterprise or similar environment,

  • self-employment,

  •  a micro-business,

  • or a family run business.

These support items are for participants who are employed and who are less independent in performing their work tasks or need frequent prompting and coaching to stay on track, communicate with others, or manage their behaviours.

 Supports can include:

  • on the job assessments related to the impact of a person’s disability on their ability to work;

  • job customisation;

  • on-the-job training and intermittent support with daily work tasks;

  • direct supervision and/or group-based support to enable meaningful participation at work;

  • physical assistance and personal care delivered in the workplace;

  • supports to manage disability-related behaviour or complex needs at work; and

  • non face-to-face activities that are directly related to supporting a participant’s employment


NDIS funding

Let us know if we can help you by provide a quote and information relevant to your employment goals. As of 1 July 2023, our rates for Employment support are: 

Core - Specialised Supported Employment (Weekday) $65.47 ph

            Specialsied Supported Employment (Saturday) $92.12 ph

            Specialised Supported Employment (Sunday) $118.78 ph

Capacity - Finding and keeping a Job (Employment support) $74.63 ph

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